Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trips with dad to Iowa games son's fond memory

Jim Forssell’s passing on Christmas Day meant the end of an era. It also marked the close to one of the cooler father-son trips many would enjoy.
Each fall for the past decade the esteemed Manatee High music educator and son Jim attended a game at the University of Iowa where the father got his masters in 1960.
“He wanted to see every Big 10 team once at Kinnick Stadium and we saw nine of them,” the son said. “Ohio State was the only one left. But the way the Big 10 has been adding teams, I don’t think he would’ve lived long enough to realize his goal.”
Ironically, the last game they saw was Iowa’s 27-24 loss on Nov. 17 to Purdue, coached by ex-Manatee High assistant Danny Hope, who got fired three games later.
“Dad thought that would save Danny’s job, but I guess not,” the son said.
It was after they returned his father’s health began to fail.
“That trip was a big thing for him, so it was neat how we had that window for one last game,” the son said.

That’s 30 years of wedded bliss for Barbara and Pat Roff.

Ryan Fetchko got his civil engineering degree from the University of Central Florida and has a job to go with it! Tina and Ken are happy.

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