Thursday, December 13, 2012

NASA honors Palmetto FAMU grad with award

 KSC Center Director Robert Cabana, SMA Deputy Director Russ Deloach, Charmel Jones and Astronaut Daniel  Burbank
Congratulations to Charmel Jones, a NASA aerospace quality engineer at the Kennedy Space Center.
The 1998 Palmetto High School honors alum received NASA’s Silver Snoopy, a notable award recognizing her contributions, dedication  and professionalism in enhancing space flight safety and mission success.
The commendation was given to the 2003 Florida A&M University grad for outstanding engineering that contributed to the shuttle flights and the orbiter’s transition to retirement.
Charmel is with NASA’s safety and mission assurance directorate and is a member of the Women@NASA initiative that supports the White House Council on Women and Girls.
She is the daughter of Sharon Anderson and the late Johnny Lee Hart and granddaughter of Imogene Campbell.

Terry Wells has joined First America Bank.

Shirley Vandersall received a nice surprise when someone left a basket of goodies on her doorstep.
The attached envelope was marked, “Troop 10," which she found amusing.
Shirley is an 81-year-old widow.
“I’m sure this must be for some little boy or girl,” she said.
Anyone who knows about the basket can call 941-756-6700.

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