Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas shopping not a last minute deal here

Christmas is over.
Or is it?
I'll explain in a minute.
Santa was good to us..
Sherri got some bling.
Some sweaters.
A camera.
A Kindle, on which everything was in Japanese. Or was it Chinese?
Santa was good to me, too.
A nice sweater.
Three bottles of wine.
Two books by Bill O'Reilly about the JFK and Lincoln assassinations.
Zac Brown CD.
A DVD with old westerns I spent watching with my father-in-law Christmas Day.
The last time I watched the Lone Ranger that many times I was in parochial school.
Christmas was fun.
No hassle, either.
Most of our shopping was done early.
How early?
W-a-a-a-y early.
To give you an idea, on Wednesday, armed with a mess of day-after-Christmas sales coupons my wife, her sister and her mom hit several popular stores for some deals.
Oh and  to get a jump on Christmas shopping for next year, too.

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