Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Closing is never close until it's finally closed

Closing on selling your house can be an adventure.
So I've heard.
Mine, on my old abode in Ware's Creek, has been a relatively smooth process and the deal should be done before Christmas.
It better be.
I wondered about it, though, after a phone call I got Monday evening from the title company.
My wife and I were in Biloxi, Miss., wrapping up a long weekend getaway.
Did I have a home equity line of credit that was open?
They said everything was in order for them to get the payoff --- but for this little home equity line detail.
I was flabbergasted.
Talk about ancient history.
I'd opened up the credit line and used it to have my deck built and a new kitchen installed.
Then I'd closed it.
Or so I thought.
That was 2005.
Seven years ago.
So I called the bank Tuesday morning to nail down that loose end while we were heading east on I-10 for home.
Ever tried talking business long distance at 75 mph?
I don't recommend it.
Anyway, I explained my dilemma to a semi-interested bank associate, then gave them the title company fax number for the documentation that would show my home equity line was, indeed, closed and clear.
My wife, who was driving, said give them my email address, too.
Good thing.
When we got home Tuesday night, I checked and the email was there.
But when the title company called Wednesday morning, they said they never received a fax.
In a semi-panic, I asked if the letter the bank had emailed me would do?
Forward it to us and we'll run it by the underwriter and see, they said.
Got a phone call five minutes later.
We were good to go.
Crazy how stuff like this pops up at the 11th hour, even when you think you've got all your ducks lined up.
Going to be glad when this closing is closed.

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