Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring breakers welcome, but be safe, smart

A really bad sunburn. A bath tub filled with cheap beer on ice. A hotel room view overlooking the sparkling Atlantic Ocean and all that golden sand under a blue sky that made yours truly decide, “This is for me.”
That was spring break in early March 1971 in Daytona Beach for several of us Bowling Green State University seniors.
Other than being emphatically uninvited to a party thrown in another hotel room by some Southern gentlemen —  “Y’all better hauuul a--,” the SEC tackle-sized guy at the door told us — it was a pretty tame week.
We returned safely to school, sunburnt skin peeling along I-75, and got on with our lives.
Which is what we wish for all spring breakers visiting our gorgeous beaches this month.
Enjoy yourselves but be smart and stay safe at the same time. We don’t mean just using plenty of sunscreen, either.

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