Wednesday, March 20, 2013

MSA Heat 7th in jazz, 5th in hip hop at NDA

MSA jazz team.
The Manatee School for the Arts Heat dance team took a seventh in jazz and fifth in hip hop at the National Dance Alliance Championships in Orlando, March 8-10.
It was MSA’s first time in the jazz division and second in hip hop.
They are coached by Elyse Born and Kristina Castner.
Their captain is Lauren Pierce and co-captain is Peter Pinnock. Their officers are Ashley Allen, Taylor Johnson-Pearson and Kristin Oberg.
The jazz team members were Lauren Pierce, Ashley Allen, Ayendi Polite, Taylor Johnson-Pearson, Tiarra Johnson-Pearson, Brandon Pavon, Ashley Mercado, Kristin Oberg, Megan Lipprandt, Keely Karalis, Colton Heier, Elayna Smith, Bethany Thurnau, Hailey Golden, Rayven Norman and Kadijah Antoine-Thompson
Hip hop team members were Peter Pinnock, Luis Gonzalez-Hager, Raphiel Aleman, Jose Jimenez, Lissette Serrano, Lauren Pierce, Ayendi Polite, Brandon Pavon,  Ashley Mercado, Megan Lipprandt, Keely Karalis, Elayna Smith, Bethany Thurnau, Hailey Golden, Ryan Golden, Kadijah Antoine-Thompson, Rayven Norman, Viviana Adorno, Devan Salati, Susett Guerra, Jamie Roelle and Alex Aragon.
Heat hip hop team.

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