Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two words for plebe to remember: Beat Army!

What didn't matter in your choice of college? I asked Alec Bacon.

A party school atmosphere, the Lakewood Ranch High School senior said.

Good thing.

The Naval Academy is definitely not that.

"Yes," the 17-year-old said. "But I've heard they know how to have a good time."

Given the academic and physically rigorous culture at Annapolis, I would hope so.

Bacon will find out soon enough when he reports in June, one of 1,200 plebes.

I wondered what other qualities his peers looked for when considering what institution of higher learning to attend, besides its social status?

Football, he said.

What kind of football team a university had made a difference.


Well, I said, Navy has a pretty good one.

Bacon smiled.

"Beat Army nine years straight," he said.

A talented swimmer for the Mustangs, Bacon wants to play for Navy's water polo team.

Having seen the blood and bruises that's part of the sport, good luck to him.

Especially against Army.

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