Monday, March 28, 2011

One final spring training fling at McKechnie

McKechnie's charms lured young and old this spring.

Cheap seats?

Didn't matter.

Sitting in the top row of Section 20 of McKechnie Field's right field aluminum bleachers was a beautiful thing Sunday.

We were there for the Pirates' last Grapefruit League game and it was all that mattered.

Had a game-long breeze behind us and a good game before us.

Our gang included my wife, Sherri, her parents, Sue and Jim, my sister-in-law, Chris, and our niece, Lauren.

Even brought my glove for any potential foul balls, but that breeze kept every fly ball in the field of play.

Saw a lot of friends and familiar faces, too.

Looked like a lot of folks wanted to be there for the Pirates's final exhibition game and cling to spring training just a little bit longer.

That went for those of us who stuck around after the game to watch kids run the bases.

We've got to do this again, my sister-in-law said.

Hello-o-o-o-o, Bradenton Marauders!

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