Monday, March 21, 2011

Hope we can hear all Chesney songs next concert

I may not be the biggest Kenny Chesney fan around these parts, but I'm up there.

Got his poster in my study.

Got one of his songs for my cell's ring tone.

Got all his CDs.

Sherri and I met Kenny at Dick Vitale's house last year, had our picture taken, and his dad invited us to join them at O'Leary's afterward.

We passed. Didn't want to push our good luck.

I really like his style.

I love his music.

Which is why we were just a little disappointed in last Saturday night's show at RayJay.

The acoustics were bad.

We had no idea what songs Kenny sang at the start of the show and though it improved somewhat as the performance went on, it wasn't as good as we'd hoped.

It's true our seats were in the nosebleed section in the stadium's northeast corner.

But we ran into a couple while shopping Sunday morning --- she wore one of the Goin' Coastal T-shirts --- and they said they couldn't understand the words to many of the song ---

And they had good seats.

As crazy as it seems, the one place I found where you could hear Kenny's songs clearly was from the speakers in the stadium bathrooms!

Still, we had a good time.

I'm glad we went.

Will we go next time Kenny's in town? Probably.

I just want to hear all his songs next concert.

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