Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Free speech gets workout on Cortez Road

Larry Grossman lets his feelings show

Our right to free speech got a good workout along the 3600 block of Cortez Road.

“TAKE BACK THE STATE!” Sheryl Jordan cried.


“WHERE ARE THE JOBS?!” Rev. Bill Bailey shouted.


“RECALL SCOTT!” Bob Kaekel yelled.


The Awake the State rally almost turned out like a call and response session Tuesday afternoon.

Brandishing placards bearing angry messages in big bold letters for the Florida Legislature, 50 protestors drew plenty of long and loud reaction from motorists on the busy artery.

There were honking horns aplenty.

The rally was organized by the Manatee County Democratic Party, but there had to be plenty of Republicans driving those pickup trucks and SUVs.
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