Friday, March 18, 2011

Seniors cling to noble vision: teaching

They want to be teachers.

That’s what the Lakewood Ranch High School seniors said Tuesday morning.

They were undaunted by the uncertainty surrounding public education in this state due to a Florida Legislature so unrelenting in its incomprehensible hostility to teachers.

It didn’t faze the LRHS students.

Teaching is what they plan to do.

These students happen to be Golden Herald candidates and I was among volunteer judges helping conduct mock interviews to prep them for the real thing yesterday at the Bradenton Herald.

Whether I did them any good, they certainly impressed me.

Accomplished academically. Campus leaders. Involved in the community to a greater degree than you can imagine.

The arc of their considerable talents could take them on any number of career paths:



Veterinary medicine.

Yet they were adamant.

They want to pay it forward, using their gifts as teachers as others did for them.
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