Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saying goodbye can mean late fee

Saying goodbye can be tough.

Especially when it's a TV satellite company that won't let go.

After five years, I terminated the deal after the holidays.

Received a FedEx container to ship back the transmitter box and took care of that.

Got the pro-rated final bill and paid that.

All good, right?

About a week later, I get another copy of the pro-rated bill plus a late fee.

So I call.

Look, I tell them, I already paid this bill and mailed it back on the same day I got it.

What is with this late fee?

The company will write it off. Don't worry about it, I'm told.

OK. I won't.

Today I got another bill from them.

For the late fee.

I call again. Go through the same drill with another rep.

You should not have received the notice, she tells me. Just throw it away.

So we're all square, I ask?

All square, the rep said. Have a nice night.

Any bets I get another notice for the late fee next month?

1 comment:

  1. going through the same thing with the city about a water bill right now. YOU CAN'T WIN! Doesn't matter if you are right or not, YOU CAN'T WIN