Monday, March 29, 2010

ABD applies to Final Four again

It's been a few Final Fours since I said this, but it still works for me, especially this weekend:


Anybody but Duke.

I got tired of seeing Coach K and the Dookies in their heyday and now that they're back the old feeling has returned.


I'm not big on seeing Michigan State back in the Final Four, either, for that matter.

I like seeing new faces for college basketball's main event. New blood.

Not the usual fair haired programs.

Like MSU. And Duke. Especially Duke.

I don't stand to benefit bracketwise, no matter who wins, although I'm shocked I'm hanging around the top of the office pool.

But I'd love to see Butler win it in their hometown.

Or West Virginia, just because.

Because they're not MSU.

Or Duke.


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