Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's future hold for DeSoto Square Mall?

What's going to happen to DeSoto Square Mall?
Reports that an unidentified buyer plans to convert it and renovate it into a discount oriented shopping center make me wonder.
If the Simon Property Group Inc., the world's largest owner of shopping malls, can't make a go of it, can our town's mall be saved?
Hope so.
My philosophy about shopping is to go somewhere convenient, get what I want and go.
I've been to the Walmarts and Targets and such around the area, but DeSoto Square Mall has always fit the bill.
Like for the $1.50 movie theater.
Got my share of CDs.
Bought some Hawaiian shirts.
Met friends for lunch at the food court many a time.
I've also got some sentimental connections to the ol' mall.
Selected Sherri's engagement ring there and we went back for our wedding bands, as well.
We even got a couple of jackets and slacks for me --- definitely a first!
Also purchased some home appliances there.
Word is the new owner will try to bring in stores like Costco, Big Lots and Tuesday Morning as part of its discount shopping mall strategy, a concept that has taken root across the country.
What that means for the mall's anchor stores --- i.e., Macy's, JC Penney and Sears --- remains to be seen.
The closing for the new owner is expected to be at month's end.
Lets keep our fingers crossed.

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