Monday, June 11, 2012

Unspeakably sad start to summer vacation

An 11-year-old boy dies after Saturday night's accident on State Road 70 in Lakewood Ranch.
A 5-year-old girl drowns Monday afternoon in a subdivision retention pond in Bradenton.
A heartbreaking start to summer vacation for their families and friends and our community.
What happened in the crash that also took two adults lives and injured two children was difficult to comprehend.
How is it the one truck driver was driving the wrong way down SR 70 before colliding with the other truck, killing him, the other driver and the boy?
It's not a two-lane country road, but a major six-lane thoroughfare with a median strip.
Did something happen to that wrong-way driver like a stroke? Or heart attack?
Or was alcohol involved?
We'll know in due time.
Sadly, it won't allay the grief felt by loved ones.
The grief of the little girl's family must be overwhelming, too.
How did that happen?
Did she fall into the pond?
Did she want to get her feet wet on a hot day?
The last her father saw of her, the little girl was playing on their patio.
A neighbor tried in vain to find her in time after he dove into the pond.
The child was eventually found by Manatee County Sheriff's Office divers in seven feet of water.
Two children dead within 48 hours.

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