Monday, June 4, 2012

Hurricane? Railway Tavern here we come!

Just received an email from the Herald's human resources department.
With the onset of another hurricane season, we're being asked once again to fill out an "employee locator form."
In essence, the bosses want to know where we plan to be in the event of a hurricane.
I always like to have a little fun with it.
Especially when I get to this part:
Where will you go if told to evacuate?
Location (if known): Railway Tavern, County Kerry, Ireland.
Contact person: Michael O'Neill.
If only was a way to just jump on a jet and fly straight there until things blow over.
I've written about the place a number of times.
Several folks around town have visited the Irish pub and told me how much they enjoyed it.
Great traditional Irish music sessions Sunday afternoons.
A beautiful view overlooking Tralee Bay, even in the rain.
Dingle's just down the road.
Best of all, a funloving owner whose beard makes him look like one of the boys in ZZ Top.
That's Michael O'Neill.
We're planning on visiting him and the Railway Tavern again soon.
Hurricane or otherwise.

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