Monday, June 18, 2012

Heard the one about the flying snake?

It never fails to amuse me who or what I might run into during my thrice-weekly one-hour walk around our neighborhood.
There's the usual.
Friendly dogs.
Unfriendly dogs.
Friendly people.
Not-so-friendly people.
Cattle that watch as you walk by their pasture.
Squirrels, squirrels and more squirrels.
There's the unusual, too.
Like being stared down by a sandhill crane while its mate and their baby forage behind it.
Or something really cool like spotting two adolescent bald eagles.
Then there's the flying snake.
Happened this morning.
Wasn't any tree snake, either.
There were no trees around.
I was heading east near the subdivision opposite Kinnan Elementary School and heard voices in a backyard behind the wall that separates the development from Tallevast Road.
Next thing I know --- zip! --- this object flies right over my head and --- whap! --- lands smack on the street.
It was a black snake.
Stunned at first, it finally started slithering back toward the sidewalk.
Alas, it never made it.
A car got it first.
As I proceeded home I thought if had I been a foot taller, I might've ended up with a live neck tie.
What a way to start the week that would've been, eh?

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