Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a difference years make in two BGSU grads

Small world.

I went to Harllee Middle School Monday to cover an Americorps 20/20 VISTA Volunteers project for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s National Day of Service.

Once there, I met Heather Kushner, a bright young woman and VISTA volunteer.

A Bowling Green State University alum, too.

Like me.

Except the Mentor, Ohio, native graduated in the last couple of years.

This Jersey Boy got out in 1971.

A thousand years ago, as I like to kid about it.

It was funny how Heather talked about how much the campus had changed in the short time she'd been away.

The last time I was at BG was for homecoming in 1975.

I wouldn't know the place, period.

We talked about landmarks we both might know. Like college bars downtown.

I rattled off the names of ones I could remember.

They're not there anymore, Heather said.

No surprise.

When I was her age, I came to Florida looking for sun, sand and a job as a sports writer.

Heather Kushner came to Florida to help people.

BGSU must be proud.

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