Thursday, January 6, 2011

DeSoto parade breaks out at inauguration

Sounds like a DeSoto Parade broke out at Gov. Rick Scott’s inauguration Tuesday.

Among the event’s invitees were members of the Hernando Desoto Historical Society and Crewe.

The 72-year-old society was selected for its historical significance to Manatee County and Florida.

“It was hard to compete with Barnum and Bailey’s elephants, but we did our best to represent,” Society President Gus Sokos said.

His cohorts were Hern’ Curt Mahoney, captain Shannon Glasgow, general chairman Gary Kortzendorf, padre Vincent Eurice, Ed Boles, Brady Chapman, Pat Cline, Dave Davis, Doug Egger, Errol Fletcher, Mike Ivko, Gus Johnson, Sid Jones, Troy Moore, Tom Murphy, John Newton, John Parker, Dot Woods and Cindy Mills Yrabedra.

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