Friday, January 14, 2011

Keep libraries off Hunzeker's hit list

There’s a book I’m looking forward to reading one of these days.

It’s Dennis LeHane’s latest crime-fiction novel, “Moonlight Mile.”

My wife put my request into the Manatee County libary’s website to put a hold on it.

I am 85th on that waiting list.

Which means I might see it by next year.

The reason I mention it is to illustrate in a small, personal way what our library means to us.

Ed Hunzeker, take note.

The county administrator has been beating the drums about looming cuts to the county budget.

He estimates $12 million to $14 million will be whacked.

That’s on top of the $122 million cut — 183 jobs, too — over the last four years.

The low hanging fruit, Hunzeker called it.
Read more in Sunday's Mannix About Manatee.

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