Monday, November 1, 2010

A little "Trick or Treat" courtesy goes long way

Trick or treating by neighbhorhood kids has always been a fun time.

I like to see what ghosts and goblins show up at the door on Halloween.

But it didn't start right Sunday night.

Sherri had prepared a bowl of candy and stationed it handily by the door.

When the door bell rang, signaling the arrival of the first trick-or-treaters, I took it.

There were four or five little girls, none in costume.

No "Trick or Treat," either.

They just stuck their bags out.

Still, I dropped a candy into each bag.

Didn't get as much as a "Thank you."

They turned to walk away, their mothers watching wordlessly from the sidewalk.

I wasn't about to let this slide.

"YOU'RE WELCOME!" I called out.

That got their attention.

"Thaaank youuu," they responded finally.

That went for their mothers, too.

I was steamed.

A little courtesy always goes a long way with me.

The  next trick or treater found out.

It was a boy in an Ironman costume, mask, suit, the whole whole nine.

I dropped a couple of candies into his bag.

"Thank you," he said and turned to leave.

"C'mon back, pal," I called after him.

I dropped a few more candies into his bag, thanked him, and bade him good night.

Every trick or treater after that was equally courteous to the last one.

Halloween ended up much better than it began.

Every child who came to our door afterward was different, thankfully.

Each said "Thank you."

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