Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How my in-laws got a new mailbox

How are you going to spend Thanksgiving Day morning?

Mine will have nothing to do with helping out with the turkey.

More like being one.

Try putting in a mailbox.

My mother-and-father-in-law's mailbox.

Jim and Sue Manring arrived home from their cruise Tuesday night and my wife was there, too.

So after work, I drove to our house, changed clothes and went over to see them.

It was dark when I got there and pulled up to the front of the Manring house.

Or tried to.

Unfortunately, I got too close to their mailbox with my right rearview mirror when I drove up and ...


I looked back and the mailbox was hanging over on its broken wooden post.


I got out and tried to shove it back together, but no use.

So I picked up the mailbox, still attached to the post's broken top part, tucked it under my right arm, walked up to the front door, knocked and went inside.

You should've seen how their smiles turned to ... what are you doing with that mailbox?

Uh, I had an accident.

Then everybody started laughing.

The sight of somebody's son-in-law waltzing into their living room carrying their mailbox must be a funny sight.

That is, if your in-laws have a sense of humor like mine do.

Hey, they let me marry their daughter.

Anyway, Jim said he would make a trip to Home Depot in the morning.

"We needed a new mailbox anyway," Sue said.

And yours truly will spend Thanksgiving Day morning helping my father-in-law put in that mailbox.

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