Friday, October 29, 2010

School Board race one rotten campaign

Julie Aranibar vs. Jane Pfeilsticker.

Manatee County politics at its worst.

A school board mired in the muck.

If Tuesday’s ballot offered voters the option “None Of The Above,” that might be the time to take it.

This is supposed to be about the stewardship of our children’s educational system, a trust that is sacrosanct.

There are numerous pressing issues we wanted to be clearly addressed in this campaign.

Among them:

Adequate funding, debatable spending and the proposed school tax.

Classroom size.

Student performance.

Instead, it’s been about anything but as this reprehensible campaign careens off the tracks toward Election Day.

Read more in Sunday's Mannix About Manatee. 

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  1. Hey, this is Florida no one cares...this is the State of Passive voters...they elected Bush twice
    and Crist...the state has been pushed over the cliff and no one much cares...lets vote in more