Monday, November 8, 2010

High school reunions not for everybody

My wife's Bayshore High School alumni reunion is Dec. 4.

It's fun listening to her and her sister, Chris, another Bayshore alum, go down the on-line list of RSVPs to see how many people they know.

With the classes of 1976 through 1983 included, that's a lot of people.

Sherri hasn't decided whether to go.

Ditto for her sister.

Me? I've never been to any of my reunions at DePaul H.S. in Wayne, N.J., from where I graduated in 1967.

I hadn't intended for it to be that way.

It's just that so many friends of mine over the years had gone to their reunions and found them to be depressing.

That helped change my mind.

I decided I wanted to remember my friends and classmates from back then just as we were.

Forever young.

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