Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Florida-Georgia? World Series? Fight night!

We've all seen movies where the poker game gets busted up because one player accuses another of cheating, they pull guns and blaze away.

How about over a college football game?

Not the gunfire, understand, but the same macho stand down.

It happened last Saturday evening in Brighton.

Sherri, her parents and I had made our monthly trek to the Seminole Casino.

After losing my personal limit ($20), I wasn't feeling the mojo and went to the bar to watch college football.

About the time Florida-Georgia kicked off, I had company and we went through all the emotional ups and downs, hooting and hollering watching that wild game.

Then as the overtime got under way, it happened.

One of the casino staffer's took the remote --- and turned on the World Series game!

Several of us reacted as you might imagine: WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!!

Two poker players at the table behind us took it beyond that.

Almost, that is.

One of them wanted to keep the Florida-Georgia game on TV.

The other guy wanted the World Series game.

They sat at opposite ends of the poker table.

One jumped up, then the second, loudly challenging each other to "C'MON OVER HERE AND DO SOMETHIN' 'BOUT IT!"

It was going to be Duke City and I had a ringside seat.

But casino staff quickly intervened, telling the antagonists to calm down and reassuring everyone they'd turn the Florida-Georgia game back on.

Which they did.

Good move.

It's one thing to take our money.

When you take our football game, too?

Them's fightin' words.

Or something like that.


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