Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yet another funereal offer I can refuse

Folks complain about the automated political messages they get on their phones.

My wife got another one today.

I don't get them. Never have.

What I get a lot of -- in the mail -- are funeral arrangement offers.

The latest was for a cremation deal from The Neptune Society.

Are these folks trying to tell me something?

OK, I will be 61 in October, battling stress is an ongoing deal, and I'm just getting over a bad cold that made me feel like I was dying a slow death.

But I'm not ready to check out just yet, thanks.

Heck, I just joined my church choir.

When my time does come, I'm cool with being cremated.

I've always said, pour my ashes in an open jar, put it on the shelf of an Irish pub where they play real traditional music, and keep a pint of Guinness nearby so my spirit never thirsts.

Just not too soon, though.

At least not before the 2010 World Series if my Philadelphia Phillies get back into it for the third straight year.

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