Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Golf cart would work for this family

If I had a golf cart to cruise down to the 7-Eleven to bring back ice or fetch pizza from Domino's, I'd love it.

They're too far to walk, too close to drive the pickup.

A golf cart would work fine.

Which is why I'm glad Florida has OK'd local governments to permit golf carts on public sidewalks.

And why I'm behind residents of some half dozen mobile home parks along U.S. 301 in Ellenton, who were the catalyst for the new legislation, but are still stymied by Manatee County. County government has balked at the new state law due to federal funding requirements and the cost to upgrade those sidewalks.

The Federal Highway Safety Commission prohibits motorized traffic on sidewalks built with federal funds.

Funds, I might point out, comprised of our tax dollars.

Until that snag is worked out, I like what County Commissioner Larry Bustle said to reluctant commissioners, regarding riding golf carts along U.S. 301 sidewalks.

Lets use common sense.

Golf cart drivers will likely be cautious and follow rules of the road, letting pedestrians and golf cart drivers pass, he said.

If they don't?

Call a cop.

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