Monday, September 13, 2010

Former Bayshore dancer's death our loss, too

The headline was one that stops you in your tracks.

"Former Bayshore dancer killed," said Sunday's Bradenton Herald.

Nancy Lopez-Ruiz was just 22, struck by a motorist as she rode her motorcycle through Fort Lauderdale after practice with the Miami Heat dance team last Friday night.

I did not know Nancy, but her name appeared in my column for her birthday when she was with the Bayshore High Honey Bears.

She was a product of one of our county's high school dance programs that serve as a showcase for remarkable talent year after year.

These young women are so full of life, grace and vitality they seem to perform at times above the earthly restraints the rest of us mere mortals.

Nancy's family must've thrilled to her dancing, proud she had taken her gifts so far.

Losing her like this pains her grieving family deeply.

Their loss is our town's, too.

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