Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Does the cool breeze mean Fall is near?

Is it Fall yet?

It sure feels like it.

The cool breeze the past couple of mornings, combined with the breeze in the evenings is giving me good vibes.

My wife, Sherri, too.

When the weatherman said the low temperature was going to be in the low- to mid-70s this weekend, she yelled, "Break out the sweaters!"

Positive thinking.

While we've been keeping our eye on the tropical storms and hurricanes spinning up the Atlantic the past week or so, we couldn't help but notice the break in the heat and humidity.

If it's something to do with the backwash of the volatile tropical tempests out there, so be it.

Just keep the storms away and keep the cool breeze coming our way.

It sure feels like Fall is upon us, indeed.

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