Monday, August 9, 2010

Showtime never far from Snooty

Yours truly has spent almost 40 years in Florida.

Yet it wasn't until I arrived in Bradenton in 1998 that I finally got my first look a real, live manatee.

Snooty, of course.

That was at some function at the South Florida Museum, showtime for the Parker Manatee Aquarium's star resident.

Monday was more of the same.

We were at the aquarium, cooling our heels.

With a bunch of news photographers and TV cameras around the premises, Snooty must''ve sensed something was up.

Company's coming?

Oooooh, yes.

Two young female manatees for some R&R after six months or so at the Lowry Park Zoo's critical care complex.

Snooty acted like he was going to be a one man-atee welcoming committee.

He kept raising his snout out of the aquarium's holding tank, staring right into photog's lens.

He even pulled himself to the top of the wall, to provide a better close up.

"A real ham," joked one official.

That's Snooty, all right.

What a life.

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