Thursday, August 5, 2010

Aerosmith leaves bad vibes from 2009

So Aerosmith is at Ford Amphitheatre -- or whatever they call it these days -- on Saturday.

Ask-Gary? Give me a break.

Won't be there.

Couldn't care less about Steven Tyler being back on stage in Tampa, either.

That he, and the band, didn't make it on stage a year ago is what I haven't forgotten.

A bunch of us had tickets to the July 2009 gig, when it was still called Ford, but it wasn't Aerosmith we wanted to see.

It was ZZ Top, the opening act.

We had been looking forward to the Texas rockers returning to our neck of the wood for some time.

That it was with Aerosmith made no difference.

I doubt we would've stuck around for them, anyway.

We never got the chance.

It was a Friday night concert and I had gone to Council's to wait for my ride.

Pete the bartender said he had a message for me:

The concert had been cancelled.

Something about Tyler suffering an "unspecified" injury.


The concert was supposed to be rescheduled for October, but that never came off, either.

Tyler fell off a stage in South Dakota that August.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

I hope fans get their money's worth Saturday.

Steven Tyler and Aerosmith won't be getting mine.

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