Thursday, August 26, 2010

F$U $eminoles: It's all about money

No more Southeast Seminoles?


Florida State University cannot be serious.

FSU and the Collegiate Licensing Company said Southeast is breaking the trademark law and must stop.

Insignias and logos and nicknames have to come off Southeast helmets, jerseys, gym floor, letterheads and anything else bearing the Seminole image.


Fifty years of shared traditions academically, athletically and musically count for nothing.

It’s all about the money.

The CLC associate general counsel asserted that the Seminoles name, logo, slogans and mascot might cause consumers to “erronously believe” FSU authorized Southeast to use them.


What nonsense.

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  1. Just read a similar article on 1-A of the Tampa Trib Electronic Edition. Sorry guys, but live in Lake Placid now. Where?

    Anyway, the article that I read alarmed me for two reasons.

    First, my roots are in Manatee County. I grew up there, attended Manatee High, and enjoyed the rivalry between Manatee and Southeast High. I still have friends that are a product of that rivalry. I have two daughters who attended Southeast, and served on the school's advisory council. During my tenure as manager of the local Bryn Alan Studio, I had the pleasure of working closely with the schools, their principals, faculties and athletic departments

    Second and most importantly, the articles sound an alarm about the manner in which "corporate greed" has infected our institutions of higher education and the extent to which those institutions will go for a dollar.

    If the "Noles" of Southeast High were selling unauthorized of counterfeit FSU merchandise, if the school was misrepresenting itself to be FSU or acting in a manner that brought discredit to FSU, the school might have a legitimate gripe.

    None of those things are true! In fact, the use of a similar name and logo has probably created a pipeline that feeds scholars and athletes to Florida State.

    So this is about greed, and it's patently greedy. It's about a company that represents FSU as well as the state’s other universities seeing an opportunity to make a quick, unearned dollar.

    It's time for that other "Nole Nation", the Southeast High Nation, to rise up in protest. Let FSU know what the cost of them pursuing this matter will be. The damaged relationship. The lost fees from licensed FSU merchandise that is sold as a result of the association with the Nole name and logo.

    It's time for those who share a similar situation to rise up and offer support. Your school could be the next target.

    For the record, I'm neither a Nole nor a Gator. So I have to say Go Bulls!