Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cut grass after work? Nuts to that

I was going to cut the grass when I got home Wednesday night.

What used to be an every-other-Saturday routine as a bachelor has moved up to twice a week.

One of the adjustments of married life.

So after pulling into our driveway, I took a look around the neighborhood.

Everybody's grass was as tall as ours.

I checked out the rain clouds, too.

It was sprinkling lightly.

Nuts, I said.

I'm sure the neighbors had the same idea.

Honey, I said to Sherri, if I cut this grass now, with all this rain it'll need cutting again Friday.

I said, Saturday, OK?

Sounds good, she said.

Besides, the guy next door, his dad and another friend were fishing in the subdivision lake.

They were getting some nice-sized bass and throwing them back, too.

I wasn't about to mess up their mojo by cutting the grass.

Good neighbor, huh?

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