Wednesday, April 24, 2013

'This is going to my nephew in Afghanistan ...'

O ur nephew, Kevin Haddon, just started a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan.
As the Mannix tribal line goes, he is the oldest of my nine nephews.
Anyway, Sherri and I were figuring out what to put in a care package for our family's favorite soldier.
Thing is, by the time we get it to him, Kevin's tour of duty might be over.
God willing.
We packed a box last weekend with some healthy goodies and items we knew he'd enjoy.
Like some of my Hawaiian shirts.
Can't wait to see those snapshots.
Well, I brought the package to Bradenton's downtown post office Monday and the postal clerk said we could get a discount if I used a particular U.S. postal package.
So I brought one home and Sherri repacked the whole deal ready to mail.
Then I went to our local post office in Tallevast Wednesday morning to get Kevin's care package on the way.
The clerk was helpful as always.
Except for one problem.
I'd grabbed the wrong box from the Bradenton office.
Not only would there be no discount, but this one would cost more.
She gave me the correct box.
I sheepishly brought it home and when my wife saw it she needed no explanation.
Sherri sliced open the old box, emptied its contents and re-packed them into the new one.
Lovingly, thank you.
I will return to the post office again, the third time this week, and, hopefully, get our favorite soldier a care package containing a little bit of Americana.
It is the least we can do, right?

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