Monday, April 29, 2013

Bashaw kindergartener was a bead magnet

Tatum Fisher (right), with unidentified pal, was a bead magnet.
If there was a contest for who collected the most beads last Saturday night at the DeSoto Heritage Festival Parade, my money would be on Tatum Fisher.
My wife and all the other folks who enjoyed the parade from our vicinity of Manatee Avenue's 2100 block by Gateway Bank will vouch for it.
The Bashaw Elementary School kindergartener was a bead magnet.
Folks on every float would spot the little pig-tailed girl dancing and waving and smiling and beads of all colors and shapes and lengths flew her way.
Then there were the walkers accompanying the floats, who draped more beads around Tatum's neck like precious necklaces.
She got them from us, too.
People like yours truly, who aren't big on beads, were happy to give whatever descended our way to her, as well.
Tatum looked like she was wearing ropes of them at times, but not for long.
She'd take them off, hand them to a family member holding a bulging plastic bag, and go back to imploring the float folks for more.
Tatum wasn't the only one in our party who went home with their share of shiny swag.
So did Jacks. who didn't have to dance and wave and smile, but still ended up wearing a necklace of parade beads, too.
He's a 6-month-old lab mix puppy.

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