Saturday, April 20, 2013

Marathon tragedy gives us pause before parade

There weren’t any chairs tied yet to the fences along Manatee Avenue West or the railings on the Manatee Avenue Bridge.
Those will start popping up by Wednesday.
Nor was there any savory smoke from all the parade parties that will be going on full blast outside the banks, insurance companies, law firms, doctors offices, realtors and hair salons.
I could smell the barbecue already.
I could also see the merry mob outside Smitty’s and Shake Pit as the parade turns east, greeted raucously by thousands of revelers crowding the sidewalks flanking Manatee Avenue West, most of them imploring:
But all was peaceful on Manatee Avenue West, even with traffic, a week before the annual DeSoto Heritage Parade.
May it remain so this coming Saturday.

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