Monday, April 1, 2013

Old Yankee Stadium ticket poignant memento

The ticket stub was one of many I've kept over the years.
But it was the oldest.
The Orioles and the Yankees at Yankee Stadium.
It was 1967, my senior year at DePaul High School in Wayne, N.J.
A poignant memento for Opening Day 2013.
The final score of that game, O's 7-2, was written on the ticket stub, but that's not the number that grabs me from back in time.
It was a grandstand ticket.
The price?
Try $1.50.
What's funny, too, were the figures on the envelope.
On it are the old, old metropolitan phone numbers like CYpress 3-6000 on one side,
On the other, it says "Join the New York Yankees in the friendly skies of United."
For reservations, Call TN 7-3000.
That is going waaaaay back.
So are the names I wrote on  a piece of paper, listing friends and classmates who were going to the game with me and who wasn't.
Ted Martens, Mike Lacey, Chuck Kennedy and Jim Boyle were scratched off.
Pete Siegler, Bob Kruk and Dennis DeTitta were good to go.
Below their names were the other ticket price options:
Reserved/mezzanine: $2.50.
Box seats: $3.50.
Those were the days.

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