Monday, January 7, 2013

Reawakening a boyhood feeling for Notre Dame

I was a Notre Dame fan as a boy.
Most Irish Catholic kids are, right?
Probably not if they grew up in Alabama.
I grew up in New Jersey.
It used to upset me every season when a good Notre Dame team went to LA and got beat by Southern Cal.
Anyway, as life took me to Wisconsin and Ohio and then Florida, my Notre Dame fandom waned.
When the Irish tangled with the University of Miami in those titanic matchups during the 1980s and 90s, I have to admit I was pulling for the Hurricanes.
Hey, when in Rome ...
Monday night, though, I'm rooting for Notre Dame again.
Nothing against Alabama, but I'm not a fan of Nick Saban.
Never have been.
Besides, I've got nothing that says 'Bama, or has an 'A' on it.
Got an authentic Notre Dame athletic department issue ballcap to wear, though.
Got it from a friend who used to coach baseball for the Fighting Irish.
His name? Pat Murphy.
Can't get anymore Irish than that.
Hope it's still got some magic.
Beat Bama!

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