Monday, January 14, 2013

Judging homemade goodies a county fair high

One tray of goodies judges had to make hard decisions over for Manatee County Fair's culinary arts and foods category
Something called calamondin marmalade was first.
Then it was the quince jelly.
Followed by blueberry jam.
Judging the homemade delicacies in the culinary arts and foods category for the 97th Manatee County Fair last Saturday wasn't three rounds old and I was already on a sugar high.
Loved every bite, too.
Don't know what the other judges thought by that point so early in the proceedings, but I was on a roll.
A sweet roll.
It carried me through nearly 2.5 hours of  deliberating and dipping and tasting all sorts of delicacies I could just imagine were prepared by somebody's mama and grandma.
Consequently, if I was overly generous in my scores?
So what.
There were almost  two-dozen rounds of goodies to go through and though I  had my favorites, there were a few that did not hit the spot.
On the other hand there were a bunch that did and received a personal thumbs up.
Among them were:
Egg-and-cheese breakfast. Looked funky, but tasted great.
Egg plant pasta. Ate the whole thing.
French toast casserole. Interesting combo.
Chocolate chip cookie-with-surprise: Surprise was an oreo cookie inside. Yes!
Gluten free honey peanut butter bar. Ate it all.
Cookies-and-cream fudge. Help!
Chocolate chip cookie dough brownie. Thank goodness it was small.
Gluten free key lime pie. Gluten-shmuten, it was goooood!

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