Monday, February 21, 2011

Where's a spring training game when you need it?

How was your Presidents Day?

What a beautiful day it was.

Too nice a day to work.

It's funny how often I got reminded that others were off, enjoying the holiday.

Tried to call Southeast High School about getting the Marching Noles into Sean Murphy's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade March 13 on Holmes Beach, but couldn't get anybody.

Then I remembered school was out.

So I reached out to a couple of Manatee High students on their cell phones for a story I'm working on.

One was on her way to lunch.

The other had just gotten done touring the campus at the University of Central Florida.

A nice day for it, I said.

Later I called John Vita about something else and left a message on his cell.

He called back.

From the beach.

Where is a spring training game when you need it


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