Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rays' skipper other man in Sherri's life

 My wife came home Wednesday night with a picture of her with another man.

Sherri's smile went from ear to ear.

"Does he have his hand on your shoulder?" I asked, mock seriously.

That Joe Maddon, you've got to keep an eye on him.

The Tampa Bay Rays manager was the guest speaker at a business function hosted by HomeBanc, my wife's employer, and from the sound of it, he was worth every penny.

Sherri found him to be very personable, accomodating and down to earth.

No surprise there.

Hear he knows a little about baseball, too.

Maddon also autographed a pair of Rays ballcaps for my wife.

One for her parents, Sue and Jim. The other for her sister, Chris.

The pictures were for us.


You never smile like that when you're in a picture with me, I kidded her.

"You become a big league manager and maybe I will," Sherri said.

I can't win.

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