Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photos from just this side of heaven

Tracy Rosa had called, excitement in her voice.

Wait until you see these pictures, she said.

Boy, she was right.

The photos taken by the camera aboard the weather balloon launched Feb. 13 from G.T. Bray Park by Eli Isaac and his son Ethan for a science project were out of this world.


The digital camera, programmed to take two pictures every 20 seconds, had fascinating photos of the deep, dark blue edge of outer space.

The balloon, designed to reach 90,000 feet, must've gotten close.

The pictures were heavenly.

That the father and son, rooted on by their family and friends, were able to accomplish this is fabulous.

Most of us are happy if we can take a halfway decent photo here on Mother Earth.

To make it happen 17-miles high, way up in our stratosphere?

Big ups to Eli and Ethan.

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