Saturday, August 31, 2013

New appliances' arrival averts football crisis

My wife had been hankering for quite awhile about getting a new dryer.
I’d nod, grunt in agreement and keep right on watching whatever game was on TV.
So it took another 45 minutes or longer for clothes to get done every Sunday. As long as my stuff got dry, I was good.
Naturally, Sherri doesn’t see it quite that way. Especially since she’s the one who does the laundry, despite my offers to help.
Anyway, the dryer finally crapped out two weeks ago and off we went shopping for a new one.
Oh, joy!
We decided to go ahead and get a new washing machine, too, rather than have to eventually make the same trip twice.
Well, we found what we wanted for quality and price on the second stop of our first night looking. So, thankfully, this was not going to drag out.
There was only one problem, though not a big one it seemed at the time.
The delivery date.

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