Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day poll interesting stats for us guys

Ever heard of something called Bizrate Insights?
Not me.
What caught my eye, though, when it arrived in my email inbox was its Valentine's Day poll.
Bizrate Insights said it surveyed 5,994 people.
I wasn't one of them, but that's OK.
I wanted to see how I stacked up compared to their respondents.
Overall, it said women believe the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
Wow! That's some revelation.
Haven't we heard that ad nauseam since time immemorial?
It also stated men believe flowers work best.
Count me among them.
I buy my wife flowers every week, not just Valentine's Day.
The poll said 48.82 percent of its participants planned on buying gifts for their spouse/significant other.
Include me in.
It also said 20.42 percent would buy gifts for children or grandchildren.
Me? No kids. No gifts.
 It said 40.97 percent don't plan to buy any Valentine's gifts, period.
Heh, heh, heh.
Good luck with that.
Of the poll participants, 22.66 percent said they'd spend more than $100.
Whatever it takes.
It also said 61.48 percent would get their gifts online.
Not me.
I'd screw it up.
I'll buy gifts for my wife the old-fashioned way.
The poll also said 34.52 percent of men were most likely to buy flowers, followed by bling-bling (23.44 percent) and chocolates or candy (23.07 percent).
I'm 1-for-3 in that department.
The Bizrate Insights survey also said 25.70 percent of men will wait until three days or less before Valentine's Day to buy gifts for the loved ones.
Uhhh ... guilty, your honor.

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