Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday off means a day at ballpark, great seats

View from Section 111, Row 16, Seats 5-6 at Bright House Field.
The phone call came a little after 8 p.m. Sunday.
It was my wife's bank boss, Jon James.
"What're you doing?" he asked.
Trying to get into the Oscars, I said. What's up?
"Got two sweet box seats to the Tigers-Phillies tomorrow," he said. "Can you get off work?"
Getting a day off on Monday at the last minute?
Ooooooh, man.
I gave it a shot and called my editor..
"Uh, boss, uh, my buddy just called and he's, uh, got sweet box seats to tomorrow's game and ... CAN I GO, BOSS? CAN I GO, PLEEEEEASE?"
He said OK.
I was a happy boy.
Sherri wasn't  happy, though.
Not only did her husband have Monday off, but so did her boss.
I said I'd make dinner Monday night.
That seemed to work.
I think.
Anyway, it was cool heading up to Clearwater and Bright House Field instead of the office to see the Phillies, a ballclub I've followed 40-plus years.
The seats were sweet, all right, 16 rows behind home plate.
I'm more used to the cheap seats, but my attitude has always been any seat is a good seat once you're at the game.
Boy, can the Tigers hit, which made my host happy since he is a Tigers fan.
Miguel Cabrera hit a towering 3-run homer that was being tracked by Cape Canaveral.
It was probably still going even after we left the ballpark.
That the Phillies got smoked 10-1 didn't matter.
No such thing as a bad day at the ballpark.
Not in spring training.
Not when you got the day off.
I made dinner when I got home as promised.
And it's back to work Tuesday.


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