Monday, February 4, 2013

T-shirt collection ritual marks change of seasons

A couple of hours before the Super Bowl, I did something I always do to mark the imminent change of (sports) seasons.
I packed away my football T-shirts.
I pulled out my baseball T-shirts.
Goodbye, football.
Helllllo, baseball.
It's my ritual. 
First go the high school football shirts.
Manatee Hurricanes. Palmetto Tigers. Southeast Seminoles.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles are next.
I put them all in a couple of big plastic tubs stored in my study closet.
Then out come the Phillies' T-shirts.
Ditto for the Bradenton Marauders T-shirts.
And Rays.
Macon Braves, Atlanta's single-A team since moved to Rome, Ga., too.
The Maine Guides, a Triple-A ballclub in the 1980s, as well.
That one's got some mileage on it, but I'm still fond of it.
Same goes for the well worn Ryan Howard Phillies T-shirt my brother bought me years ago.
It's washed out, but it just got new life.
It's almost baseball season.

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