Monday, November 5, 2012

No more TV campaign spots, no more robo-calls...

It's almost over.
No more TV spots.
No more mailers.
No more robo-calls.
Election day is almost here.
If I never hear "I'm (fill-in-the-name) and I approve this message" again it will be too soon.
The past month or more I would hit the mute button on our TV remote as fast as I could. 
I didn't always get to it in time, but my intentions were good.
Whether they were about the presidential campaign or the U.S. Senate or Congressional races, the TV spots passed the saturation point long ago.
Enough is enough.
That goes for the robo-calls, too.
They started up the last couple of week and have increased exponentially in number and level of annoyance.
I hit the off button on our wireless phones as quickly as I can, too.
But I listened to one Monday morning for a few seconds.
"Hi, this is Pat Boone. Yes, that Pat Boone, the one who sang ... "
I laughed and turned it off.
Pat Boone?
I thought he was dead.

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