Monday, November 19, 2012

Cookies, kindness mark morning at Food Pantry

Sue Evans had been at the Food Pantry window for about three hours.
The line of folks outside St. Joseph Catholic Church seeking food for Thanksgiving Day seemed neverending.
It's always like that this time of year .
Yet whenever it was the next family's turn at the window, Evans would lean out, holding a plastic tray of cookies for the children.
It was a magnet for them, including the shy little ones.
"Say thank you," their mothers kept reminding them.
Evans' act of kindness was something to behold.
"Seeing those kids faces is the best part," she said. "That's worth staying here for four hours."
It was also a nice gesture that preceded Evans hoisting a grocery bag filled with food to those same mothers for their hungry families.
She'd lost count of how many people she'd given bags to, but each time it was done with dignity and a wish for a Happy Thanksgiving.
"It's hard, seeing parents' faces," Evans said. "Sometimes a lady will cry because they're so grateful. Those are the ones my heart goes out to."
Then she ducked down behind the window, getting another tray of cookies ready.
There would be more children along for sure.

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