Monday, July 2, 2012

Suggestion for folks driving to see fireworks

Folks are talking about how and where to best watch the 19th annual Fireworks Extravaganza at the BeachHouse Restaurant Tuesday night, July 4th eve.
Best way is on a boat, if you've got one. Or with a friend who owns a boat.
Otherwise most people, if they're not already on Bradenton Beach, will drive there for the fireworks.
Or try.
Cortez Road will be Gridlock City.
Unless you leave right now.
We've made the trek a few times for the big event and managed to avoid the hassle.
We'd leave before sunset, get on Cortez and join the crawl long enough to get close on this side of the bridge, pull off and park.
The Cortez Post Office parking lot is usually a good spot.
Then we'd walk to Annie's Bait & Tackle on 127th Street West, sit outside, enjoy a beverage and wait for the show.
The view is a good enough and the best part is you're not going to get trapped by traffic.
We didn't the last couple of times we went to Annie's.
When the fireworks began, westbound traffic was still clogging Cortez beyond the bridge.
Not being stuck in that traffic is definitely worth celebrating.
As soon as the fireworks were over, we left Annie's, walked back to where we parked and took off.
Our getaway was clean.
Try it for yourself and see.
And good luck.

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