Monday, July 9, 2012

Boy Scout Troop 303 needs a little help

Ultra-light backpacking tents.
An eight-burner grill.
Shovels, rakes, gloves and trash cans.
Yeah, that was quite the haul for the cretin(s) who drove away with Boy Scout Troop 303's trailer last week from its home at Living Lord Lutheran Church, 11120 State Road 70.
Hope they're proud.
The thieves made off with the troop's camping supplies two weeks before its big summer trip to the Canadian Rockies.
Maybe those can be replaced with help of a generous community.
What can't be replaced though are the memoribilia it also contained and memories the troops gathered over the years.
The state and troop flags and ribbons.
The merit badge work book.
Spare Boy Scout uniforms, too.
There is disappointment.
"All our hard work went into that trailer," Scout Larsen Godfrey told The Bradenton Herald.
There is outrage.
"That someone would come on church property is bad enough, but to steal from the Boy Scouts is awful," said Rev. Jeffery Gross of Living Lord Lutheran Church, which donated the trailer to them.
He's an Eagle Scout, too.
Law enforcement officials suspect the trailer will be repainted by the thieves for their own use. Either that or sold for scrap metal.
Unless the thieves come to their senses somehow, do the right thing and return it.
Meantime, folks who'd like to help the troop can email:
Or visit their website,
Anyone with information about the stolen trailer and its contents can call the Manatee County Sheriff's Office at 941-747-3011, ext. 1549, 2260 or 2274.

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